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An innovative & long-lasting eyebrow treatment


Price: £350

Microblading is an innovative and long-lasting treatment that involves the application of a semi-permanent colour to the eyebrow with a fine, sterile blade. This treatment, a new and improved version of brow tattooing, involves delicately drawing tiny precision hair strokes onto the brow area to create a perfectly shaped brow.This is an intricate treatment which takes about 2 hours (including time for the numbing cream) to carry out and is fast becoming a favourite with customers everywhere.

Unlike other semi-permanent or permanent brow treatments that block your brows out with colour, giving the ‘Sharpie brows’ look (the horror!), this treatment creates a natural look; it’s almost impossible to tell the microblading brow strokes from the real hairs.

Please note:

We will need a prior consultation with deposit for:

  • Patch test
  • Choosing the perfect colour
  • Drawing the brow shape
  • Eyebrow threading/mapping
  • Anaesthetic prescription
  • Mini facial with an Eye treatment

Visits will include:

  • 1st Session: Microblading
  • 2nd Session: Top-up

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