Buccal Sculpt Face Massage

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Buccal Massage is a massage technique that focuses on massaging the muscles and soft tissues inside the cheeks, as well as the jaw and facial muscles.

Buccal Sculpt Face Massage

PRICE: £80 – 1 Hour

How it works:

During a Buccal Massage, we will use a combination of gentle pressure and kneading motions to massage the muscles and tissues inside the cheeks. The massage may also include stretching and manipulation of the jaw muscles and facial muscles.
The goal of the massage is to release tension and improve circulation in the facial area.


The benefits of Buccal Massage include:
• Improving circulation
• Reducing tension and pain in the facial muscles
• Improving skin tone and texture
• Reducing puffiness and swelling in the face, as well as promoting lymphatic drainage and detoxification.

Who it’s for:

Buccal Massage can be beneficial for anyone looking to improve the health and appearance of their facial skin, or to reduce tension and pain in the facial muscles. It may be especially beneficial for people who hold tension in their jaw or experience headaches or TMJ pain.

What to expect:

During a Buccal Massage, clients can expect to lie down in a comfortable position while we work on the inside of their cheeks and facial muscles. The massage include the use of gloves for hygiene practices. Clients may experience some mild discomfort or pressure during the massage, but should not experience any pain. Overall, Buccal Massage can be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that can help to improve the health and appearance of the facial skin, as well as reduce tension and pain in the facial muscles.

Prior consultation is essential to determine if Buccal Massage is right for you, and to discuss any concerns or questions you may have before beginning the massage.

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